Getting started…

We started the morning off launching the boat in Pensacola at the mahogany mill boat ramp, but my clients were staying in Pensacola beach so with the 3-mile bridge being out I went and picked them up at shoreline park to save them an hour off of their drive.

It is important to remain flexible..

Drake and his family originally booked a 6-hour trip offshore fishing but mother nature had other plans. The sun was out but the wind was relentless. I checked with the crew to be sure they were okay with doing an inshore trip and they were game just to go catch some fish so that’s what we did!

We started off fishing around the pass for some Spanish mackerel.

We typically just troll with what I call twinkle jigs. They are just some glass minnow jigs we get from our local bait store. We struck out on the mackerel fishing so to not waste any more time we made a run to a nearby bridge. When we arrived at the bridge I pulled in tight to try to get us out of the wind a little bit and keep us out of the rough water.

I had some Bonita and Pogies in the cooler that I brought from my house that I immediately started cutting up in small chunks and throwing over for chum. Once we had a good chum line going I baited up some big Carolina rigs with some of the same bait we were using for chum.

When I use this tactic I typically use 60 lb leaders and 7/0 circle hooks.

It wasn’t long and we started catching large snapper and some oversized redfish. It stinks to catch those big juicy snapper when the season is out, but they are still a lot of fun to catch.

Redfish are excellent fish to eat. The only catch is they have a slot limit. To keep them, they need to measure between 18″ and 27″. Unfortunately, 90% of the ones we catch using this technique are “over slot”. Even though you can’t keep them it is pretty cool to be able to say you caught a fish that was too big to keep rather than too small!

All in all, we caught a good handful of snapper, redfish, a bonus shark, and a couple of small bycatch fish. It wasn’t the trip we originally had planned but like always we made it work. Another successful trip with Next Generation Fishing Charters!

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